Richard Jago (1715-1781)


Originally, “The Blackbirds” was attributed to the poet Gilbert West. An 1810 biography of Richard Jago explains that West had sent “The Blackbirds” to an editor on Jago’s behalf. The poem ended up being published under West’s name erroneously and under the title “The Elegy on the Blackbirds.” [ action=GET&bioid=35605]

By the time “The Blackbirds” appeared in A collection of poems in six volumes, edited by Robert Dodsley (London, 1782), Jago had successfully claimed authorship. [ 004876767.0001.004]

John Bell republished “The Blackbirds” in the eighth volume of his collections of “fugitive poetry.” Bell’s classical arrangement of fugitive poetry, Vol. VIII (London, 1789) pp. 103-106. [ECCO]